Orange Sunflowers And Crunchy Leaves



my god…



Old Scooby Doo Frames KILL ME

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for u and the squad



I’m putting my cat on a vegan diet.

"how could you do that! that’s animal abuse"

No it’s not. a vegan-only diet is actually very healthy for them.

"cats are carnivores. they need to eat meat"

I know. that’s why it’s a vegan-only diet. I feed them only the finest vegans I can find.

I was about to go off on you


I just want a rly hot boyfriend who is older than me and let’s me wear his clothes and is a bad influence on me is that too much to ask


such a powerful message

gif meme » bruised & battered


I can’t wait to find the love of my life and buy our first tv stand television combo at walmart and housing appliances at target and fancy sheets at bed bath and béyond